Sunday, November 7, 2010

November Calender

I was reading Goog's blog and found this lovely calender post. I really liked the idea of making a record of the month's most "stand out" events, by limiting the entries to one or two sentences. At the moment, I am working in a small Moleskine, so rather than inch size squares (2.5cm) I had to use rather smaller ones. As luck would have it, I had these tiny, varied tags downstairs in my stash, which fitted perfectly. I also finally got to use these gorgeous butterflies that I bought a few (er..ok, maybe about 10) years ago. They are actually the decorative pattern on serviettes that have been cut out. So now I just have to remember to write in it each day.


shauna said...

I LOVE your blog! Get this- I was JUST going to go (FINALLY) to my blog and actually make a post for the FIRST time. Then suddenly decided to check my email first and clicked on your email about your blog out of all the emails in my box!!! I haven't thought about doing my blog in ages! I love serendipity! Now, back to your blog; This calendar is gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing pictures of the process! It helps me to know other artists don't just magically create their finished project in one fell swoop-lol! I mean, I know that but when I'm the one working on something I always think I must be taking too many steps or something. You are very, very talented and have a real knack for breaking down the process. You would be great at writing tutorials. Maybe a book?! I so enjoyed seeing your page about your son. You made it so lively and fun! I like Teesha also and found her about 10 years ago. At that time I had never seen anything quite like her work. Anyway, great blog and I look forward to following!

Goog said...

I really like the tiny tags you used for your days. Very cool!

snowy said...

What a lovely idea I'm very impressed with all your work & thanks for sending me to your site. Keep up the amazing creativity :) M