Wednesday, February 3, 2010

January Page

I finished "January" today. Very liberating. Instead of being shackled by indecision and doubt, agonizing over the perfect composition, I simply grabbed a few bits that I could, and assembled the page, inbetween minding Master Two. I know it's not perfect. And I have to remind myself that the process is just as important as the outcome (if not more so). And so I find myself ready to hand over my journal for our swap, satisfied with my creative process, and rearing to go for "February".

Pen and pastel chalk

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Silly Monkey

I found this gorgeous monkey pattern by Melissa Mall ( I made my own little chap -size 1.75cm hook, 5 perle cotton. My daughter has requested a purple one. I rather like him sans eyes.

Art Journal

A friend and I decided last year that we should keep an art journal, and swap monthly. January 2010 saw it put into action.

Here is a snippet of the front cover. I decided to hand sew and quilt the cover, but make it removable to make journalling easier.

Groundhog Day

Joined in the #groundhogalong at Ravelry, organised by June ( I used 8 cotton perle, and size 1.5mm hook. Bruce stands (sits) 2.5cm high.

Back to blogs

Since I mostly surf the net using a mobile device, it has become inconvenient to try to blog, and upload pics etc. Found a blogger going to give it a try