Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well the April page is on it's way. I have all the components, and now I need to find a window of opportunity to put it all together. And then it struck inability to gather the mental energy to "get it together" is because there is an element that I want to include that I am not sure exactly how to do, or how it will turn out. The fear of failure is holding me back. And yet, I know that once I take the plunge the process will be enjoyable and fullfilling- regardless of how it finally turns out. So, tomorrow I believe I need to take myself firmly on hand, have a stern chat and a gentle kick in the kibosh. No more excuses.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

February Journal Page

Well, as it is already April, I am a little behind in my posts (but not my journal). February was a rather sad month, as my dear Grandmoth passed away. This page was a tribute to her - she was a very fiercly independent woman - it broke my heart to see her wither away at the end...

For this entry, I experimented with pastel on watercolour paper. I did like the extra texture on the trees, but missed the smooth look for the background. I finished the piece off by framing it with a red/orange card -which is not as skew as the scan makes it appear.