Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fairy Princess

The conversation started like this:  "Mummy, I have drawn you lots of pictures, and you haven't drawn me any!" And so began the process of doing a fairy princess, for my 5 year old princess.

  • The image was drawn lighltly with w/c pencils on Stonehenge Paper. I chose this method, since incorrect lines were easily erased, and the outline would blend with the fill colour, once water was added.
  • The picture  was then coloured using w/s crayons. A small amount of white gouache was added to the crown to increase its opacity.
  • Wings added.
  • Unfortunately I decided to try some alcohol on the wings (RHS) hoping for a suble mottled effect. Instead it left dark blotches.
  • The background was added
  • And then, Miss 5 pointed out that she was floating in the sky.
  • And so, I added grass
  • I am not usually a glitter person, but since this is for my daughter, and I wanted to obscure unsuccessful wings, glitter was added to the wings, crown, shoes and wand.
  • A few flowers pencilled in, and voila, she is finished.


Jennifer Valentine said...

This is so adorable! I bet she loves it!
You did a great job my dear.

Goog said...

I really like how the glitter looks! How come she couldn't be floating? I've never seen a fairy just standing there...It's beautiful, Tal, I hope Miss H loves it.

IdaDown said...

Thanks ladies. H is over the moon.

Kelly Heggem said...

Princess H is lovely!! I love how crisp things are with out the graphite outline. Fabulous work!!