Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lost and Found

The last six weeks have gone by in a fog. I got used to having two days a week to myself - and it was glorious. I went from that to being surrounded by family 24/7. Noone stops me doing art, but I find that not having my own head space means I can't find my "art mojo". I look longingly at my art supplies, even sit at my desk, but no creative juices flow forth.

And so I found myself lost and adrift. And it seems that after awhile I was forgetting where and how to start.

I had a quiet day, and decided to try a profile picture of a lady.

I usually love the process of painting, building the layers. But that old critical voice, who I thought had been silenced, reared her head. And now I have a picture and no ideas on "what to do next". It's as though the art ideas part of my brain has become frozen.

So I decided that the path back could lie in a simple sketch book. I have an HB and a 3B next to my bed. I plan to practise different faces, if not every night, at least every second.

Here is my first

The Burden

This was the second ever sketch in my Mole. I roughed out the figure of the woman - around July 2010 - and then was unsure what to do next, so she got left...

Just after Christmas, I started going back through my Mole, finishing off pages. The style of the lettering was inspired from watching a video by Milliande