Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Hatchlings

With Easter fast approaching, I wanted to make some Easter Hatchlings for my daughter's daycare class. I have just learned how to crochet and wanted to practice my 'new skill'.

Unable to draft my own pattern, I set about looking for one on the web. I found the perfect pattern (cute, easy and quick) at PLANET JUNE. These are the cute acorns that inspired my CHICK-A DEES.

With my creations in full swing, I showed my husband, who questioned why the acorns had yellow caps? After adding eyes, he said that they looked like evil acorns.
Undeterred, I continued and added beaks. I would have preferred to use button eyes, but given the age of my target audience, I embroidered them instead.

Given that I have been crocheting less than a month, I am happy with my first project.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Owl and the Pussy Cat

Or...HOOT and MEOW.

After making teddies and other soft animal toys from a variety of woven back fur fabrics, a friend introduced me to the world of SOFTIES. I fell in love straight away. It was a little daunting - I am not used to sewing with regular fabric.

I decided that my first project would be the "Owl and the Pussy Cat" . I found so much inspiration on the net. In particular, I love the range of animals at LucyKateCrafts. However, I also really like owls that are made so that the back fabric forms the front peak of the owl. This would also look good with my matching cat. With all these ideas in mind, I set about drafting some patterns.

Once I was happy with the designs, and I had chosen my fabric, I set about hand sewing my creations (I hand sew all my toys). While my toys are NOT in the league of LucyKateCrafts. I was happy with my attempts. And then I stuffed them.

OK so now I confess to a blonde moment. It just did not occur to me that the lovely pink striped fabric I had chosen was a stretch fabric. So my creations are a little rounder than I had anticipated. Well, not one to abandon a project half way through, I put it down to experience and pushed on.

And here are the finished duo, with the back details showing (again inspired by LucyKateCrafts. ). Despite all their flaws and foibles, my daughter loves them!

One day I will redo them in non-stretch fabric...but at the moment, enjoying dabbling with other patterns, designs and techniques...