Friday, November 12, 2010

Gel Transfer Techniques

Having not been able to successful execute a Gel Transfer (to my satifaction) I decided to look for variations in the method that would give me a more satisfactory effect.

I found a technique at Dream, Create, Inspire which seems to work very well for me. Her tutorial is excellent, so I have only briefly outlined what I did.

I use Matisse Gel Medium, a product readily available here in Brisbane, Australia.
  • Apply gel to surface of the picture (or book page)
  • Lay image down on page
  • Gently burnish (I used the back of a spoon)
  • Immediately remove the paper.

I used the method to transfer a copy of my daughter's picture into my Mole

I also copied (another) pic of me. I really need some more inkjet images


Goog said...

You rock my world, I LOVE how these came out.

IdaDown said...

I hope the technique works for you. You know I am going to be stealing my kids artwork now...he he he

Anka said...

Oh wow...the transfers worked out great! I saw Matisse Gel Medium at my local art shop yesterday (while I was looking for Golden gel medium).

Now that I see how well the Matisse works, I think I'll grab it rather than doing my head in searching for the Golden one.

Thanks heaps for posting this!