Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Prince Charming

I have been dying to try out the Gel Medium Transfer Technique from the Willowing Class, however, due to technical difficulties, I have been unable to use my inkjet printer. And then, Master 3 came home with a really cute picture from daycare. I just knew I had to use it in my journal.

I am really happy with the result. The image would have been perfect had I not been a little impatient, and rubbed a little too vigorously. 

I then used water soluble crayons to add some colour. I also added some gel medium over his face to brighten it.

And then I was stumped. I really had no idea what else to add to the page. And then I stumbled across the journal pages of Teesha Moore. The whymsical style immediately appealled to me. I decided to finish my spread using the ideas I learned from Teesha's tutorials.

Border and whimsical person added
Doodling etc added to elements

Finally I added the journaling.


Goog said...

It's so Teesha!! I love it!

Kelly Heggem said...

I lovelovelove love this! the colors the patterns everything. great job :)