Sunday, April 24, 2011

The B-Words

Trying to get kids to tidy their room is an uphill battle. I had such a cute conversation with Mr B today, that I had to immortalise it in cartoon.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

WIP: Endless Days

I almost never post WIPs, but in the spirit of the new blogging process, I thought I'd share my new CurlyTop drawing, featuring some of my new flower designs.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bridge Building

I am a perfectionist. I fuss over things. I want to take photos of my art with my good camera, perfect them in Photoshop and then post them to my blog. But all of this is very time consuming- and I am time poor. So my blog lays silent...

Well a good friend of mine has a saying that always makes me smile " a bridge and GET OVER IT!!" So here I am building my bridge - using photos from my iPhone, and just getting it done.

And guess what? It feels great!

ps Not totally without editing software (did I mention the perfectionism?!). I use PS Express iPhone app.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some flower patterns

When I draw the Curly Top backgrounds I like to use lots of floral elements. Inspired by Australian flowers, I have designed 2 elements.

1. Ginger

2. Grevillea (flowers and leaves)

I am working on two more, which I hope to share in a few days.

A twist on Mooka

Inspired by Mookaand variations by Linda Farmer, I decided to try a few variations of my own.

I have also just purchased a set of:

and naturally had to deviate from the usual black.

(yes, it IS green)

The Curly Tops are back

I loved creating a whole scene using Tangle elements. Strictly speaking not true "ZT" since I plan out the whole layout in pencil first. But since it is for my own enjoyment I don't see that as an issue. I just get to be twice as relaxed.

ZT's for Kelly

Going back to working on ATC's. These two are for my friend Kelly. The two elements I seem fixated with at the moment are bridges and flora. The bridges with the 3D holes are inspired by Jo in NZ

ZT inspired by Dr Seuss

Or Introducing THE CURLY TOPS