Friday, November 5, 2010

Beez in the Bellfry

A few weeks ago I was chatting online with the lovely Goog and Kelly. I was telling them that when I am in the "art zone" I feel all buzzy.  This led to the idea that perhaps there were bees buzzing around in my head. Well after much laughter, we decided it would be fun to make some ATC's based on the theme of bee ladies. When I started doing my ATC's, all I could think of was this little ditti (which I made up, based on the Jolly Phonics alphabet songs my 5 year daughter sings, and a mishmash of sayings):

There are beez in the bellfry, 
bzz, bzz, 
beez in the bellfry, 
bzz bzz. 
There are beez in the bellfry, buzzing all around.

The letter is B and the sound is ba.

Beez in the Bellfry


Goog said...

Yay!! They're wonderful!

Kelly Heggem said...

Tal!! They are beautiful!! Like Goog, I can't wait to see them IRL