Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time for kids

Well this week has been about crafting for the kids.

Firstly it was time to break out the sewing machine. I bought some lovely pink and burgundy pinwale cord about three (or was it four) years ago. At the time I though of making a couple of little tunics for H for winter. Well, I figured I should finally make H something with it before she leaves home!

I rather like the look of a three tier skirt - but had no pattern. My MIL showed me how to take a pattern from one of H's skirts. And I did a quick search on the net for some "how to's".

I have learned that I hate gathers. Seriously I am happy with how it's working out. Not perfect - but I don't do perfect - well not yet anyway. Sorry, no previews tonight, the light isn't good enough. Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow and post some pics.

Secondly it was time to assemble the production line - 30 Mr Cone Clowns needed to be made for H's Grade 1 class speech "my favourite recipe". Of course a talk isn't complete without samples...(which did limit what she could make. Originally she wanted to do Nigella's Hot o Pots, but unfortunately they are not suitable to send to class for a tasting)...


It's too easy sometimes, especially as a busy mum, to get caught up in regret for all the things that you can longer squeeze into your life. I often find myself dwelling in that place of meloncoly - feeling left out.

And then there are days like this. Days when I get to make things for my kids or we get to do something together. And then, at the end of all the madness, when I am tired and questioning my sanity for getting involved in these crazy projects, I sneak in to kiss my lovelies good night, and a sleepy B reaches out for a hug and kiss , and H sighs contentedly in her sleep. At that moment I feel a deep sense of completeness. Its in fleeting moments like this that everything seems worthwhile.

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