Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Bog Day

Bleary eyed I stumbled about this morning, getting ready for work. Somehow the magic surrounding birthdays disappears as the every day grind of adulthood sets in.

And then, just when the crust of cynicism seems well and truely hardened, something suprising happens.

At morning tea I treated myself to a half strength, skinny cino (fondly refered to as "dish water" or "why bother") and an amaretto biscuit at my favourite cafe. I was then taken out for a delicious lunch (thanks A) at Govindas, an all vegetarian restaurant in West End.

I stopped at M&D's for a lovely afternoon's catchup. Sadly time went all too quickly and it was time to collect H from school.

When I picked H up from after school care, she proudly presented me with a card she had made. Inside was a lovely picture and the message "Happy Bog Day" written in her unsteady hand. I loved it. It was so precious and made me smile.

H regailed me with stories from her day at school, on the (long) journey home. After we had been in the car for about half an hour she said,
"Are we there yet?"
"Do we look like we are?" I ask, to which I get a string of muttering. She tries again,
"How much longer?"
"10 minutes."
"Can I count to 10."
"No to 60- ten times" she did.

Once home H blew up balloons for me and insisted I wear a party hat. Champagne flowed, (for the adults of course), which was the perfect accompaniment to the Blue Castello. A delicious dinner of steak (medium rare- woohoo) and garlic prawns (or surf 'n turf) was served. Every tender mouthful was savoured.

Not ones to rest after dinner, the kids declared as the last plate was scraped that it was time for birthday cake. Candles were broken out of their packet to wish me a "happy dirthay" (H had previously declared that 39 candles were far too many to put on the cake, and had suggested to Dad that two might be better). The sparklers were also a huge success.

After posing with the kids for happy snaps, we tucked onto the birthday cake - a gorgeous light and fluffy Ginger sponge. There was also sticky date and ginger pudding with a smmooth chocolate sauce. Of course it would have been rude not to try both...roll me into bed.

I feel deliriously happy. I've had a great day, and shared it with many friends, both in person, and via the wonders of modern technolgy. I have experienced the joy of celebration through the eyes of my children. They have taught me that there is still magic to be had.


Lucykate Crafts... said...

ahh, bless you!, and a happy 'bog' day too! ; )

suzi blu said...
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