Monday, April 7, 2008

Just a little chicken

I am so excited. I have just got two new books on amigurumi from the library! The whole concept of recently published books being available from our library is so novel, I am still buzzing! Wow!

I have started to fiddle with a hen, gaining so much inspiration from
Crochet Animals
by Annie Obaachan (I feel like a big sponge at the moment).The shape of the hen is a basic egg shape. The comb is a chain of shells -inspired by Annie's Lion's Mane.And the wings are from her penguin. I love the wings...shape without bulk (tried cone but too bulky for such a small

So my little hen is now awaiting feet and eyes, but sadly have run out of the yellow thread I used for her beak, so a trip to the shops is in order...

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