Monday, December 6, 2010

Doing it Teesha Style

Awhile ago my friend Goog introduced me to the whimsical stylings of Teesha Moore. My first Teesha Style page was combined with an experiment in acrylic gel transfer.

And then, as often happens, I became distracted with other projects. Goog suggested that it would be fun to do a study of a different artist each month, and do some journal pages in their style. December is dedicated to Teesha.

Here are my two pages. Because I am working in a smaller journal than suggested in Teesha's tutorial I used double pages to complete each piece of art.

It was great fun doing these pages. At this point in time, the key things I gained from this exercise are:

  • looking at images with a new glasses become dresses...stacks of swizzle sticks make hats. 
  • not to shy away from colour. Prior to doing these pages, I would never have chosen such bright colours for background. 
  • confidence to do large, bold journaling. Teesha has a lovely video showing how to approach lettering. I found this immensely helpful.
I am looking forward to our next study in January.


Kristin said...

This is FAB!!! I love the bold, colorful style and your lettering is beautiful! I will check out that link, thank you! Thank you too for becoming a follower, I am so happy to have you - and say hi to Goog - she is so fun, Kristin xo

Goog said...

Tal, your pages are coming out so great!