Sunday, January 22, 2012

The power of the net

It is simply fantastic, that when you are in the middle of a project, and unsure of what to do, you have access to a huge collection of resourses; they are simply a click away.

Today I was making a tote for Miss H's lunch box, and could not quite remember how to do boxed corners. I did not want to spend (more) hours with Mz QuickUnpick, so instead I did a quick search using Google (or "googled" it - an age where even a search engine becomes a verb).

My search rendered this very nice explanation, complete with photos Craft apple

Within 5 minutes my problem was solved. Viva l'internet.

ready for school


Goog said...

That's adorable, Tal!!

thingsforboys said...

I'm not too old (nearly 30) and I remember the time 'before google'. I can't remember how we figured out anything tho...something about a library? ;) So glad google came along!